Writing Coach


A valuable critique not only shows a writer what needs improvement, it offers guidance, examples, and mini-lessons to help a writer improve his or her craft.

You’ll receive edits and margin comments throughout your manuscript along with queries and suggestions for improvement. Summary comments will address big-picture issues such as plot, point of view, and characterization.

picture book, short story, or article

(1000 words max)



$1,000 and up

(Depending on length)


You Don’t have to go it alone

All writers struggle. We struggle as we approach the blank page or screen. We struggle as we shape our stories. We struggle as we search for markets and as we submit our work. But we don’t have to struggle alone. Whether you’re looking for motivation, critiques, or editing, I can help.

Dare to be a great writer!


A one-time critique isn’t always enough. Sometimes you’re looking for ongoing aid on your writer’s journey. With 20 years experience as a professional children’s magazine and book editor, as well as a published writer, I offer my “coachees” a true insider’s insights.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a writing coach:

  1. BulletWeekly feedback on your work

  2. BulletStraight answers to questions

  3. BulletDeveloping the discipline to finish projects, long or short

  4. BulletA chance to explore various genres

  5. BulletNetworking for publishing opportunities

  6. BulletHelp as you find your authentic voice

  7. Bullet“Translations” of editorial or agent feedback

  8. BulletHelp with revision requests

If you’re serious about learning the writer’s craft, a writing coach can help you reach your goals!

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