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What I do . . . most of the time

All kinds of things, but most of them are related to kids' books! I’ve been a developmental editor for Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers for Kids Only and spent my days planning books filled with everything that’s weird, wacky, unbelievable, and funny. Before that, I spent six years getting to acquire, edit, and read stories and articles for Highlights for Children in my job as coordinating editor of the magazine. How amazing is that? I teach writing workshops all over the country, some of the most amazing experiences have been teaching workshops for the Highlights Foundation, at the homeplace of the Founders of Highlights near Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

I've held positions as a senior editor, a book development manager, a university instructor, and a teacher with the Institute of Children’s Literature. As an author, I have published over two hundred short stories, articles, and columns in magazines, newsletters, and books. I've published a book about carnivorous plants—you know, those plants that eat insects, and maybe even bigger things like tarsiers. Carnivorous Plants was published in 2002 by Kidhaven Press, a book about a little pig who wants to go to school (I know...weird, huh?), a book that retells The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (bwa-ha-ha!), and a book about author Zora Neale Hurston.

I also collect obscure facts . . . like these

In 5000 B.C. people blamed 'tooth worms' for their cavities. Ancient dentists filled the wormholes with metals like gold or silver. Except the Aztecs. They used a mix of iron, water, and belly-button lint. (From Uncle John’s The Haunted Outhouse)
By age 15, most tuna have swum more than a million miles. (From Uncle John’s Do-It-Yourself Diary)
Naked mole rats are more like insects than mammals. They live in colonies, like bees, and each colony has a queen. (From Uncle John’s Smell-o-Scopic Bathroom Reader FOR KIDS ONLY)


Kim T. Griswell writes for food (books, money, the fun of it) in cafes,
coffee houses, and her cozy tree-shaded tiny home in Ashland, Oregon.

Now available at a bookstore near you!

Illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev, Rufus Goes to School by Kim T. Griswell has been called “a love letter to reading that’s also a charming, original, and child-friendly first-day-of-school story.”